This looks like the cutest event ever. I must go see it!!

On another note, I currently have five bajillion things to get done this month not to mention all these birthdays coming up omg my wallet is going to be crying by the end of the year …. can you believe how close we are to the year 2010?! And to think I’ll be graduating in a year ….

I am currently trying to apply for a trip to Seattle and Vancouver through AMSA. It’s a study trip where we learn about the Canadian healthcare system and how it could be applied to the U.S. …. o gosh, I hope I can get it though I’ve never been the most eloquent writer and elaborating on politics and healthcare system are not my highest points.

My other side activity also is my amateur photography project for

Someone once had requested to use a photo I’d taken in New Orleans for their article on the Krewe de Vieux parade (which is a small parade yet themed with much heavy sexual provocations) on this website and so I received a notice about a photography contest. Grrr these are moments I wish I’d owned an slr!! I enjoy taking pics with my point and shoot but dang, sometimes those tiny babies just don’t do enough justice for some breathtaking sceneries. Hopefully my project will flow enough to make sense … first place wins a trip to the Bahamas!! Hehe, well I’m not holding my breath for that, just the mere opportunity to be able to express myself is a good enough experience for me.


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