So here I am sitting in a coffee shop, trying to get as many words into my eyes as I can and I notice all these people just coming in for coffee, hanging out for an hour and leaving.

Just made me think .. o wow, the life I’ve exchanged for the one I’m living right now.  My purpose of ever going to coffee shops is to study, never to just get a cup of coffee and just hang out. Sure, I’ve done that during vacation time when I visit family but that’s when I’m not in school (vacation time, duh). The thought just hit me that, dang, did I ever have a moment where things were plainly laid back?

Maybe … maybe not. I’m also the type of character who likes to have some kind of business going on in her life. Yes, there are moments where I definitely need to relax but that can only go so long for me. Hehe, probably another reason to add to my list of convictions that this is really something that fits me.

Finding myself …. nothing can be more important in life than that process.


One thought on “

  1. Kristina says:

    I think we’d be totally different people if we had moments where everything was totally laidback!! We’d probably go crazy at first though.

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