They weren’t kidding when they said you’d start to burn out around the third and fourth block of rotations. As bad as I feel about it, I really am not a big fan of clinic. The work there just doesn’t motivate me much and the moment I step in, I’m already looking forward to the time I’ll be leaving. Isn’t that sad? Whereas with inpatient work, I pretty much didn’t have a say in when I could leave so no point in looking forward to leaving. Rather, it was more of keeping an eye on when I’d be on call and prepare myself beforehand.

As interesting as third year is, it’s also more tiring than second year. Regardless of how you feel on various matters, you gotta remember to keep a straight face and truck on. At least with second year you’re just studying in your usual spot, hope that you won’t get too distracted so you can squeeze a day’s worth of studying in, and you have choice over where you can study whether it be a coffee shop, the library, or just your own desk.

Third year, if you’ve got space restraints, you’d better be willing to study anywhere you can get your hands on. You no longer can be choosy about your selections.

Oy … I need a decently long vacation. Medical school is starting to burn me out just a tad bit.


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