For some girls, it’s sparkles, for me it’s …

Card Captor Sakura.    Card_Captor_Sakura-27206


Card Captor Sakura 1 1024x768

Hehehehe. As much as I do love sparkles, I realized last night that my biggest girly love is Card Captor Sakura pictures.

Card Captor was an anime I literally became obsessed with during my last years of high school. Though in retrospect after all the anime I’ve seen, I don’t find it to be the best one yet I have fallen absolutely in love with their animation drawings. The ones on the right are the style they use for the manga, not the anime. I love the manga sketches, so elaborate and intricate, what with all those laces, flowers, and whatever else decoration you can think of that a girl wouldn’t mind having.

I just uploaded a whole bunch of Card Captor Sakura photos to my phone so as to have access to them when I want to switch my wallpaper photos around hehehe. I swear I have these moments where my outlet from schoolwork is scavenging for new Card Captor pictures!!

On another note, I was skimming through some old photos I found of myself on Facebook dating all the way back to my college years. As I went through them, the constant thought came up, what was I thinking? Hehe, as there is a learning curve for all of us, boy was I the goofy picture taker (luckily not the slutty type). Now I’m just too shy and embarrassed to take such pictures anymore (I also don’t find myself to be very photogenic especially if you’re just taking a random snapshot of me when I’m not paying attention). It was just interesting to see how I’d changed so much from the past … in better ways moreso but not to say I was a total mess before. We all have different ways of growing up and this was mine and I’m still doing it right now too.

Oy to think that I’ll be taking a turn into the later half of my twenties in less than a month …. has time really gone by that quickly?


One thought on “For some girls, it’s sparkles, for me it’s …

  1. Kristina says:

    Haha I like that tie-in to one of my posts’ titles!

    What is it with you Asian folk and Card Captor Sakura? lol ^_^

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