The power of words.

So today I received my annual birthday package from my parents. It did arrive a little earlier than usual considering my birthday is actually the end of this month.

And like always, there were two cards, one from each parent in the package. I have to say, my reaction when I read them has really changed over the years. You could say it is due to age or experience, whichever you prefer. But anyway, as much as I did love reading the cards from both parents, I felt my mom’s words were the most moving ever.

A rough translation:

Hello loving daughter,

Congratulations on your 26th birthday! The thought of you always spending your birthday by yourself away from us at this time of the year breaks my heart. Even though Daddy and I aren’t by your side, have a wonderful birthday with your friends. Now that you’ve gone through your first semester of third year it seems like you’re half a doctor. Despite the hardships of being in medical school, the fact that you’ve done so well this far makes me proud. I really do think you made a good choice in going to medical school, it seems to fit you, I have no doubt you will do well and become an excellent doctor in the future. Work hard and become a great physician, leave your name. Happy Birthday!!




Gosh, I wish I were as eloquent as my mother sometimes. Just reading this got the waterworks going for me. I don’t know what it was, the rare words of encouragement, even though they were from my mother, just made me more appreciative of having her and my dad in my life. When you work in a field where you’re constantly questioning, learning, moving forward, and trying to make the next job better than the last, it’s hard to understand if you are actually doing a good job or not. No, I’m aware my parents have not seen me in action when it comes to playing doctor …. but the fact that they give me such encouragement just gives me stronger conviction that this is what I want to do and omg, just those few words of, “You’re doing a great job” can be more uplifting than you may think. Maybe I am, maybe I’m not …. but at least someone has enough faith in me to believe that I am doing so.

Tis is life. Just to move forward, do your best, and hope that things will come your way. There will be disappointments, moments that are beyond your control, questioning of if things will pan out …..

Continue to have faith and move forward … because believe it or not, you are probably changing someone’s life other than your own.



One thought on “The power of words.

  1. Kristina M. says:

    This post really moved me. I almost cried too, reading your mom’s note! It’s so hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes. Especially when you’re at a part of it (whatever it may be) that lacks a motivating factor. It’s times like these I think we should go volunteer at student-run free clinics, or volunteer at school career fairs (i’ve done this and the kids look up at you with such respect and awe).

    Aw, I love your parents!!

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