So I am now at the end of my Thanksgiving break. I have to say, it was much more enlightening than I’d anticipated it to be (Thanksgiving enlightening, you say? Hehehe, there’s always a first time to everything.). I ended up staying with a close friend of mine from college and it gave us the opportunity to really learn more of how we’d been living and whatnot. Unfortunately, my impression of this friend up to now was still a bit hazy, I wasn’t entirely sure what she’d been up to workwise and even when she did say she enjoyed what she was doing, it was really hard for me to completely understand what that meant to her. Maybe it was because our past encounters had been so brief, we could only describe so much, hence leaving us with just the tip of the iceberg to our lives.

Well, I got a lot of insight into her life and let me say, I acquired a lot of admiration for this woman. She works for her family’s oil business and as I knew that she’d been involved practically since graduating college, I never realized the other passionate side of her. She told me that she recently joined the choir at her church and has never been happier doing what she’d left many years back. I loved how her face just lit up when describing her work.

Honestly, I was a bit skeptical initially at the thought of staying with her over Thanksgiving due to our past incidents of not getting along too well at times. There have been moments in the past when I really wanted to kill this girl sometimes …. but there was definitely a new side to her that I’d never realized existed. She was full of passion, loved her life, and had bloomed into a strong, independent woman who had a strong purpose to her life.

All in all, I was glad to have been able to see the more personal side to her. Thanksgiving itself was quite exciting, it was basically your typical 50+ people Vietnamese family celebration. I couldn’t help but think that everything reminded me of my past massive family events where there would be people I’d never met before. The only difference was that everyone was speaking a different language which I obviously couldn’t understand. Yet that didn’t bother me too much. In a sense, I became a bit nostalgic.

Also, watching my friend Mar describe her nephews and nieces with such vivacity reminded me of how my mother would talk about our various family members. For instance, who was good at what, their habits, concerns, etc etc …. Gosh, I really do hope to have kids in my future at some point …. sigh, gotta get my hands on a decent man first though.

Black Friday we ended up doing midnight madness. I so prefer this to waking up at lining up in front of stores in tents all night long in order to get in when they open at 5 AM. Anyway, the Neiman Marcuss and Saks Fifth outlet stores opened up at midnight so Marilyn, me, and the female members of her family all made a mini road trip to shop. Unfortunately, even when heavily discounted, I couldn’t afford anything in those two department stores. There were other shops open as well but the lines were so insanely long, I couldn’t think of anything worthy of my time and money (moreso time in this case) that I would want to purchase. Hehe, but I DID end up buying a sweater wrap from Saks for about $60, originally $200. Mar’s family members were relieved that I eventually did purchase something on this little night escapade. That will be my first and probably last purchase ever from Saks.

Saturday was the last day to my trip and Mar and I joined some old college girlfriends for a reunion. For me, it’d been a year and 2 years for some since I’d last seen them. It was great catching up, some with the craziest stories I’ve ever heard of (leading me to learn about new terms that I will probably never repeat again in my life) and reminding me that how nice it is to take a break from life every now and then to remember those who continue to stand by us.

All in all, I had a fabulous Thanksgiving. It was different from the previous ones but don’t worry, K, I missed yours tremendously as I do you.

It was just funny to see how being with Mar’s family reminded me so much of my own.



One thought on “Reflections.

  1. Kristina says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hehe I know I’m retardedly late (besides the e-card) but I want to put it here for posterity!

    Love you! Glad you had such a good time!

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