Yes, hate with a passion.

Usually, I find hate to be a strong word and tend not to use it often … so you can see how much emotion I’m putting into the title here. I feel like despite how well I may have done in other aspects, there will always be some kind of dirty ass standardized test that will bring my points down. ARGH!!!!

Let’s just say, I worked really really hard on a rotation recently that I had (and still do have) a lot of interest in pursuing in. I saw my grade today and sigh … I wish I’d waited a little bit before checking it. Now my mood has been affected for the next day but I really gotta push myself up, can’t let this get in the way of things. Of course, I’ve become good at moving forward when I need to.

But GACK, geez …. those numbers just weren’t pretty to see. I just hate the feeling of being that ONE that PERSON that I hoped to not be gradewise.

With all this crushing news that comes at you every now and then, you gotta really wonder why I’m still here. You might ask, have you ever considered just stopping there and giving up?

Ironically, never. I still know this is my calling, that this is what I want to do. Heh, that’s when you know you’re getting good at handling bad news, once you’ve figured out how to move forward with it.

Grrr, stupid presentation tomorrow ….. never was a fan of speaking in front of a lot of people.


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