I love Christmas.

Ooooh how I do love it.

I don’t know what it is with this holiday, just all the love, reminders of friendship, family and whatnot … I mean, there’s Thanksgiving too but I feel like Christmas carries the message even moreso than Thanksgiving. And even though I’m not very religious, I still love this holiday the most, it’s like a reminder of the love I have all around me, a reminder to be thankful to have all those in your life and for another great year. And it seems that just the anticipation of reaching this holiday is 70% of the enjoyment of it.

Speaking of love all around, this movie, Love Actually, is my all time favorite Christmas film. Not everything ends in a happy ending but it interestingly puts a slight bit of realistic twist to just loving, in whatever form you can, on Christmas Day. I think that’s what also makes me find it so appealing … that and I love British films. 😀

Just as Hugh Grant puts it in the beginning, “Love actually is all around.”


One thought on “I love Christmas.

  1. Kristina says:

    Love needs no religion.

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