Me and my weird ways of boosting motivation.

But hey, does it really matter as long as you get motivated?

Hehe, so I managed to request to get off today from work early since I have a big shelf exam retake to do this Friday. And as the rotation I was on is an elective, I felt they could be flexible about it.

I am definitely the type of person who needs a change of scenery every now and then while studying to I guess “restimulate” myself back to focus. And with today’s cold front rolling in, I most definitely wanted an excuse to put on my boots hehehehe. As ironic as it sounds, yes, I feel that dressing up a little bit will boost my confident to study better.

So I packed my stuff up, came over to a coffee shop not too far from where I live, and spread my study materials out. I kind of like the layout of this place, elongated, with a view of the various colorful houses that really depict the charm of midcity New Orleans. Oh, and with this beautiful weather, who could resist studying outside?? It’s like back in college, on that big field in front of the UT tower, with that grass … if the weather was nice enough, people would just congregate like crazy there. O my now that I recall college was a total zoo ….

Currently my study playlist alternates between Imogen Heap/Frou Frou and The Phantom of the Opera. Once I’m done with this exam, I definitely have to pop that DVD in and watch it … granted our new TV gets back in time. Yeah I …. sort of broke our current TV though I have no clue how. I was just trying to hook my computer up to it and watch some online TV shows on a 40 inch screen …. though I later realized that the outlet I’d hooked the cable into was a firewall port, I wonder if that affected the TV function at all? Either way, I’m never attempting it again on the 40″ screen as it is my roommate’s and I don’t want to have to put her through this hassle of reordering and changing TV’s out again … I felt really bad because we have to reship the old TV out through UPS. That’s gonna be some “light” shipping we’ll be doing there.

So this is a photographer’s website I stumbled upon on Flickr. I believe she’s Korean and currently residing in Switzerland, has absolutely amazing underwater photos!! And recently, she just put together her own website. Her photos are absolutely gorgeous … gosh, I really need to get an SLR soon …. my parents promised me as a graduation gift though I wonder when I’ll be able to make use of it as an intern. I guess the summer beforehand?


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