I swear between the monotony of skimming over material for Step 2 and just checking email, this blog is my outlet for so many things. I sometimes fear overwhelming my friends with my thoughts that race around from one destination to another (hehehe as I do have at tendency to think in a very ADD fashion … especially when I am tired and not on wards having to listen to patients back to back).

So yea, S just told me yesterday he bought a set of turntables to learn DJing. I have to say, it made me laugh a little bit, not necessarily at him, I guess moreso at the fact that I’m not surprised that it would be a hobby he would choose to do. Oh men and the hobbies they randomly pick up while on one of the most intense career paths ever ….

Probably my favorite quote from yesterday, “Soon you’ll see me DJing at the Goldmine.” I swear that comment almost made me fall out of my chair and roll on the floor laughing. Goldmine is one of the rundown clubby bars here in New Orleans right by Bourbon St. which I have not been to since I started medical school because I hate trying to find parking near Bourbon and that bar is just dirty and trashy …. yet I do recall them having decent music and it seems to have become one of S’s favorite places to go out to … yes, o joy, I always hear interns from his class going there.

Life’s just too funny.


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