My thoughts and prayers go out to those who had to endure the 7.o magnitude earthquake in Haiti. What a horrible catastrophe to happen to an already impoverished country that is still trying to recover from all the disastrous results left behind by Hurricanes Gustav, Hanna, and Ike. The country seems to get the most hits out of everything …. it’s such a terrible tragedy.

On another note, I am squeezing the juice out of my brains lately to figure out a personal statement. Yeah, I know it’s pretty early to think about applications but hey, I have a feeling I’m going to get pretty busy right before September which is when I hope to get everything in. Sigh … just wish I were a bit more eloquent with words or didn’t use the same one over and over again … I’d have a word at the tip of my tongue but could never seem to figure out which one it was. Bah.

February looks like it’s going to be a busy month for me. Not necessarily in the academic aspect, moreso in the eventful one. First off, I’ll be flying to Seattle to participate in AMSA’s SeaCouver Study Tour 2010 where I go to Seattle and Vancouver, talk to civilians in both cities to gain insight into what they like and dislike about their country’s healthcare system … and then compare!! Both cities I have yet to travel to, I’m so excited. And Vancouver … right before the Olympics!! Can you say awesomeness???

Then, after I return, my cousin and her ex roommate will be visiting during Mardi Gras. Hehe, I’m so happy to see how excited she is as she has never traveled down south and lo and behold, her first trip is when the entire nation is squeezing itself into this one city!! My God it’s going to be insanity and chaos …. not to mention a lot of walking on foot … and alcohol …. hehehehe.

Gosh, as of now, life is so good.


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