O wow.

So I went onto Flickr just to see some updates from any of my Flickr photography friends … and lo and behold, there was a pretty big update from Mr. Nx2 … (haha, you remember him right, K?? 😉 The love I could never get over in college ….)

Apparently he went to Vietnam this past Christmas and posted pictures of his travels. Out of curiosity, I flipped through them and saw several where he was actually in them (quite the rarity if you ask me …. Nx2 does not like to take that many photos of himself … or so I thought, at least that was my impression in college) and smiling, teeth and all!! O.MY.GAWD ….

It was just funny because I had a suddenly flashback of how crazy in love I was with him back in college … just in that masochistic style, you know it’s not gonna go anywhere yet you can’t help yourself. Hehe, to be a girl in “love” in your early 20’s again. 😛

Ooooo, how far I’ve come …. let’s just say, Nx2 is definitely one person I don’t expect to ever change. He’s also a bit too much of an old soul for me though back in the day, I thought that was so attractive about him. He didn’t care to be different from the rest and whatnot, just that aloofness and whatnot I thought was sooooooo hot hahahahahaha.

Well, now I’ve found my own style and all I can say to you fellas is, take it or leave it.

Geezus, now that I think of it, S is the total opposite of Nx2.


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