What age does to us.


Goodness, how the years have flown by … and I seriously must be getting old.

So tonight, I went out with some of my girly friends to an event hosted by our medical school party at a club we were once regulars at. As us ladies had taken a cab to reach our destination, we had plans to drink more than usual and that’s what we did.

It was all fun, after drinking and dancing, we ended up at one of the really good pizza places next door and basically scarfed down (at least I did) three enormous slices of delicious goodyness.

Eck, well … seems like I’m developing a regurgitating reaction to greasy food post drinking now. This is how I’m noticing that I’m getting old … as much as I hate to admit it, there are several things I cannot pull like I used to. Although I’d managed to avoid mixing any liquors period (not even light and dark, just straight up a different type of liquor of any sort … this I used to pull off as well without getting a next day hangover), this reaction was a new thing to me.

And like I’d done first year, before I even washed up, I hit the living room couch to sleep … it was when my roommate had awoken in the middle of the night did I realize that I’d yet to actually really wash up for anything … then the stomach acid began to kick in. Oy …….

Despite physical drawbacks, I like to think that I’ll always be full of surprises. 😉 Age is only a number to me~


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