February travels.

So this is what I’ll be doing for about 5 days during the first week of February. I have to say, after viewing this clip, I became more motivated and excited about it all. I really think it’ll be a terrific learning experience for myself in gaining more awareness in the various problems that exist in the current U.S. healthcare system.

On another note, just something random that came to mind, something along the lines of what my mother mentioned though our conversation was based off of a much lighter subject.

Basically, I think I’ll be the type of doctor who’ll gear her work towards treating a population that tends to have a lower likelihood to survive.

Why? This was a question that circled throughout my head for a while …. but I came to my answer after I had a talk with my mom the other night.

It is because to me, with suffering and hardship and seeing those who undergo it, I find that it strengthens my passion and drive to continue my work in this field. Hence, if every patient I saw were to survive all the time, I think it would be more challenging for me to really appreciate my work and really push myself to go further on.

Appreciation for various matters does not come without suffering. It’s like a quote I recall from the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button where one of the old ladies in the old folks’ home told Ben, “People are meant to die, Benjamin. How else would we learn to appreciate them?”

Tis very true.


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