Not exactly the most interesting topic for me to learn about, at least that was my initial impression when we had to attend a lecture on it.

How we physicians may forget one thing when we begin to focus ourselves into something specific. How the structure of our work can cause us to become jaded in other aspects and forget compassion in other areas. Yet every now and then, something that may seem useless at first sight may become something we’d like to hold onto whenever we feel that cynical side of us creep up upon us.

I actually found this lecture to be a good reminder of all this to myself. As I’m one who’s interested in pursuing internal medicine, I feel like I will forget those who exist beyond the bubble of the main population I’ll be dealing with. Yet when I come to think of it, when it’s my grandma or some elderly in my family, I wouldn’t want a physician to neglect them so easily. I still would want good care and make sure they’re taken care of.

It’s not always easy to put ourselves into the shoes of someone else … even harder so when it’s a completely different generation.


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