Moving on.

For residency, I’m actually considering some cold cities where snow each year is the norm. I kind of miss the cold though I think Chicago’s winter is just out of this world …. however, my mother has somehow managed to successfully persuade me into heavily considering this destination as a spot for the next step of my future. I at first had heavy consideration for the internal medicine program at my own school but when I think of it now, I wouldn’t mind moving to a bigger city as New Orleans is a bit small … don’t get me wrong, I’m still totally in love with it, I just think it’s time to go somewhere a bit more populous and well just larger in general. Atlanta is also high up on my list.

I think I’m hitting the point where I’m ready for something new and willing to leave my past here behind. There were just some absolutely amazing memories and I won’t change anything about them … but I think it’s time for something new and to somehow be closer to my family.


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