Ooooooh, first year students are so adorable!! It’s just so cute to see their enthusiasm yet hesitance due to the fact that they are essentially starting from the beginning with all their medical learnings. I’ve been volunteering at student clinics every week this month as a result of my laxed rotation …. I’ve been finding reasons to leave the apartment that does not involve shopping as I am about to break the bank with this upcoming trip to Seattle and family coming to visit during Mardi Gras.

But anyway, usually there are second years at this weekly Wednesday clinic as well but today it was only first years. I was surprised at myself by how much information I could tell a patient, give them advice, and not feel too taken aback when they asked me questions. Then I would try to teach the first year students as well as they definitely did not have much exposure to everything I’m undergoing now.

Gosh, time flies!! I still feel like it was yesterday I myself was that tiny first year student, looking up at the third year students in awe, really feeling intimidated. Now, it’s me working with the interns though I haven’t felt as “intimidated” by them as I thought I would … I feel moreso like I’m a part of a working team instead. That and I just feel like interns are just a whole different animal compared to medical students. They are literally at the bottom of the totem pole, maybe even more so than medical students since interns are essentially worked to the bone, pouring all their sweat, blood, and tears into keeping patients alive … sort of with the supervision of residents but not really since interns now have the power to sign orders and write prescriptions.

But anyhow, turns out one of the students I worked with today was someone I’d interviewed last year. I was delighted to see her as she had been one of my favorite interviewees … her and two others I’ve seen in the first class, I was really happy to see that they were all here, just shows that the whole student interviewing system works!! I just hope I managed to keep the a-holes away, the ones I really felt shouldn’t even be pursuing a career as a physician.

I’m also surprised at how much I’ve learned and manage to recognize as a third year student now. There are still moments when working with interns or other fellow students on a team, I feel like beating myself up for not knowing something …. yet I’m surprised at how much knowledge I can provide to the underclassmen beneath me. So this is how my resident on my first rotation felt when she said, “When I look at you guys, I just ask myself, do I really know more than they do?” I have to say, she was one of my favorite residents. Her extremely fast speech and random comments which are too quick for me to catch onto can be intimidating on first impression, but once you get to know her, you really can’t help but fall in love with her. She just has so much enthusiasm in her work, always excited to learn more, and always ready to teach so much to her students. I don’t know if it’s the fact that I haven’t had many female residents since her, but she definitely emulated the kind of physician I wanted to become. Always eager to do more, learn more, and never settle for anything less.

Haha, I think the kicker when I was working with her was when we were rounding and it took so long and it wasn’t even on our own patients, she grabbed a computer at the nurses’ station and began looking at dresses online (and I think eventually even purchased one :-P). Another thing I admire about her, aside from being a doctor, she still retains her strong feminine side and gosh, I loved looking at the different shoes she wore everyday!! She always had on a different pair of really cute heels … really does not help a financially broke girl who loves to shop.

But anyway, yea … o gosh, I love to teach. I don’t know how much I’ll be involved in the academia side as a physician but I definitely do look forward to teaching my students as an intern (let’s just hope I won’t be excruciatingly grouchy from lack of food or sleep) and as a higher level resident. Of course, that is when students aren’t being anal and smart asses and giving me a hard time.

It is these moments you relish in how much you love what you do.


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