I’m bored. This rotation is getting me bored …. I’m actually really looking forward to starting ER in February … and my trip to Seattle.

You know, the last time I got this bored in clinic, I used to text a guy I really liked telling him I was bored. Now I feel horrible doing that because I really have no clue the kinda work he’s undergoing and how much crap he has to put up with in his intern year. So I pretty much don’t really just tell him I’m bored because I don’t wanna sound like some kinda kid who needs entertainment. I’m a big girl now.

Sigh, I recall that during first year of medical school, I was always the hyped up one who enjoyed planning little dinner gatherings and whatnot and usually they’d pull through. Now I get hints from some friends to plan them and it kinda ticks me off a little bit …. why? Well, the reason I get peeved as being planner now is because pretty much everyone I invite blows it off. It’s like what’s the point of putting all my energy into this if not even one person is going to show their appreciation … yargh. And you still want me to do it? Gimme a break here. Why don’t you guys be the ones to let me know when you’re effin’ free? One of my big pet peeves about people is when they don’t respond to something I ask or request an RSVP for (i.e. Evites)

Sorry … had to vent. Just been wallowing in my loneliness/boredom these days when I’m not in clinic learning something. Though I have to say the student clinic sessions have been so fun … I love to teach underclassmen!! I’m gonna have so much fun as a resident puhehehehe.

On another note, I saw the Lovely Bones last night. It was kind of funny because the entire theater was full of really rowdy teenagers, one girl behind me couldn’t stop making loud comments throughout the movie. Initially, I thought it was really annoying because I was getting into the movie and whatnot (Mark Wahlberg and Rachel Weisz are probably my favorite actor and actress) but then the movie itself was getting a bit too thick on the emotional aspect that I couldn’t help but want to make fun of it towards the end. Quote of the night, “Epic fail!!” from the girl behind me when Susie’s killer randomly dies in the end … you had to be there to experience it. By then, I was cracking up too.

Anyway just another blah weekend but with fun clinic. You know, the tricky thing with third year is that everyone’s on rotations so everyone’s on a different schedule, it just gets very difficult to coordinate anything anymore. Unfortunately, the last thing I want to come off as is this girl who is getting a little needy for attention even though the loneliness is spreading on thick for me these days ….


2 thoughts on “Yargh.

  1. Kristina says:

    How rude that after all that planning the ppl u invite don’t show! I hate flakes. Med school has made me a terrible one, though. Whenever you’re bored, study for step 2 on your ipod touch! there are some great apps by lange

  2. sarrasparky says:

    ah i’ll look into that, i’ve been doing usmleworld for now … just get antsy really fast

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