Three books I’d like to read.

Currently I’m reading the Godfather but think I’ll be done with it once I hop that plane ride to Seattle. I do a lot of leisure reading when flying since there really is no other source of entertainment aside from my iPod. It’s not bad since medical school makes it really tricky to to want to read anything after the insanity of studying throughout the school year. Period.

The first one (“Enemies of the People”) I just heard about after watching the Colbert Report … which I have not watched in months, I realized how much I missed it. All those study breaks previously were used on watching Sex and the City episodes straight … I needed something new this time.

The second book (“Geography of Bliss”) is one my neurology resident told me about on my first rotation of third year. It looks interesting, I think a great read.

The third (“The Intern Blues”) is one my preceptor intern when I was a second year student recommended to me, says it helped him prepare emotionally for his intern year. Not the happiest of stories, just paints a realistic picture of how grueling intern year can become and possibly even change people in ways no one can imagine unless they actually go through them.

At moments, I sometimes think that such a book (referring to the third one) could help me understand what S is going through right now … though I myself will be there in less than two years as well … there really is no need for me to rush into learning about it but I guess for his – and mine I suppose – benefit I’ll consider doing it. He’s never asked me to nor has he shown any sign that I’m being overbearing and whatnot, I guess it’s just my own thing that I’ve come across to thinking about. Gack, and then I ask myself why I’m doing this for someone I’m not even really official with …. gosh darn you feelings.

On another note, I finally used my 20% off coupon that Macy’s gave to me after I complained online on their customer feedback form on how crappy their phone agent service was and how they just exchanged the shoes I wanted without telling me and without providing me the option of a refund. Hehehe, so this is my purchase but in black and in a large so it might not be as form fitting but I don’t care, I really wanted that cowlneck ….. 😛 And it was ten bucks, on sale!! Goodness … gotta love Macy’s … at least when they don’t screw you over.


One thought on “Three books I’d like to read.

  1. Kristina says:

    Wow, what a great deal! and it’s going to look smashing on you!

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