Boys. GAH.

I love how the stupidity and immaturity of boys really manage to show in various shapes and sizes. Tonight I tried to go see a parade called Krewe du Vieux. It is one of the earlier ones that goes on several weeks before the actual Mardi Gras and is known to be the most sexually provocative parade. I’ve gone in the past two years and have really enjoyed it though before it was easier because my friend would throw a parade party at his house and we’d all gather together and walk over to the parade route.

This year, I wasn’t too sure what the plans were, what with all our unmatching schedules of rotations, so I figured I’d go with anyone who was willing to go. I ended up going with two fourth year guy friends I’ve known literally since I started medical school here. Sigh … yet the trip with them really made me frustrated … these two were like little girls/kids, so indecisive, and horrible planners (not that guys ever were great ones)!!! I was getting annoyed because at some point, I knew we weren’t going to make it in time to see the parade … we spent an entire hour looking for parking. I know it’s hectic to find it but dang it, that’s why you arrive to places in advance. They just thought it would be easy to leave ten minutes before their estimated arrival time … uuuh, did we not mention that this is a parade for the beginning of Mardi Gras and it will be very popular??

Ugh, so in the end we missed the parade. I was willing to go to Cafe du Monde with these two then I asked if we could go to a bar because if we came out this far, might as well go somewhere where there were people around and we could just chill at. They reluctantly agreed but the entire time, the feeling I was getting was that they were just a bit too nervous to do anything … got me frustrated because I felt like I was being the guy here, the daring one, the one who wanted to go out and enjoy herself. Dangit, last weekend I was cooped up at home doing nothing, I was determined to do something if I came out this far!!!! And they took all my jokes so literally … that was annoying too. Just think of your typical awkward science major people … yep and you have them.

On the ride home, they kept loudly pondering on how one of the chiefs at my school went to medical school at a certain place and did residency at this really awesome program …. they were just saying he must have been like the top of his class yada yada. And my response was, does any of that all really matter right now? I mean, I have the utmost respect for this chief but not because of where he graduated or where he did his residency, it’s because of what he’s done for the residency program at my school. You guys are talking about him like he’s a god and you can’t be like him … have confidence!!! Goodness … they may be smart in the brain but not so much emotionally (go figure, what else is new now).

I guess it was interesting because I was at one point thinking if I could go back to getting attracted to the awkward smart people again (like I once did in college) and the answer came out to be a no. I feel that I’ve developed a stronger feminine side towards the end of college and throughout my years of medical school that I would like a guy who had the balls to keep up with me. I’m more complex than what meets the eye and don’t expect many boys to be able to really understand that or at least be ready to put up with it.

It’s like a quote that Marilyn Monroe once said.

“I’m selfish, impatient and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Hehe … gotta love that one.


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