Mardi Gras insanity.

Ok so currently have family in town and the fact that I had to work 12 hour shifts (3 days, 3 nights … boy did those night shifts kill me) priorto  was not the prettiest but you gotta do what you gotta do. My living room looks like a tornado just went through there and I feel like the dirty dishes accumulate 10x the speed of before. Heh, as much as I love exposing my cousin to the life I’m currently living, it is also exhausting, trying to get through Mardi Gras traffic the best I can and still try to be a good host. Thank goodness I’m not on an intense rotation currently. I feel like I’ve lost touch with the rest of the world as of now … but in a good way as it’s not like I can only talk about one thing.

Although, kinda miss school a lil bit right now … gotta learn something again, I can only live this hippy life for so long.


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