The end to February chaos.

I have to say, I’m a little happy that now all that chaotic touring of the city, my trips to Seattle and Vancouver have all come to an end. I’ve learned a lot, had the fun I could and am now sort of feeling ready to get back into the gear of things. It’s been quite the third year thus far, socially and academically. I feel like the clock continues to tick towards fourth year where I soon have to decide my fate and where I want to go for residency.

I have found various good strong reasons of why I should continue to stay in New Orleans but this recent trip of family and friends visiting made me realize, I kind of want a change of scenery. After 3 years living here, I feel New Orleans is too small for me. I want somewhere new, possibly closer to my family (let’s just say one less plane to change) and somewhere more seasonal. The heat down south has really begun to get to me.

But we shall see. That depends upon interview season.


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