Who am I?

If someone were to ask this question to me with regards to the country I identify myself with I’ll most definitely say Korean. As grateful as I am for all the growing that America has provided me with and allowed me to prosper educationally and socially, my origins are Korean. My culture, my background, the start of everything for me is Korean.

That is not to say that I’ll do everything the way Koreans do it. I don’t think being Korean means that you perform certain actions like all Koreans do …. even as a Korean, I feel that there are certain aspects of the culture that I disagree with and I’m not afraid to veer away from them. However, that still doesn’t make me any less Korean.

This is something that came to my attention as I was watching replay clips of medal ceremonies of Korean speed and shorttrack skaters. As I heard the Korean national anthem play, I couldn’t help but feel the tears well up in my eyes. The aspect of being Korean that I love so much is that we are a passionate, hardworking race. We may be a small country but we work extremely hard for what we believe in and don’t take any shortcuts because in the end, we know that it will be all worth it. Hence, when we win, we win with overwhelming emotion that brings tears to all those that watch. We have always been looked upon as the underdog, not the superpower. That is why I love being Korean and am proud to say so.

There are many other things that I further identify myself with …. UT Austin Longhorns and the New Orleans Saints just to name a few … however, I’ve noticed I have a gradation in how I identify myself with each and at the top stands my country and myself being Korean.

We are not a perfect race nor a perfect nation, we have our flaws and problems yet it is all these imperfections that make me love my country even more.


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