Winter Olympics.

My oh my they have kept me so excited throughout this month. I have never been so ever happy for Korea and all its accomplishments in these games. Not many but still very very big accomplishments. And honestly, when I think of it now, I feel like the winter Olympics are far more exciting to watch than the summer’s. Maybe I’m converting into a winter lover (I must have been heavily deprived for so long) ….

Tomorrow and the 25th will be broadcasting ladies’ figure skating and apparently Yuna Kim is a very high contender. I had no idea she was so good, I thought a large amount of her praise and advertisements came from the fact that she was possibly the first Korean figure skater to really ever compete at all …

It’s funny, just watching these games, people’s stories and how they got to this point, it all is really inspiring. Just makes you realize all the crap people go through just for this one medal plated in a particular color. But it means that much, you know? You should never half ass something that in the end makes you realize, wow it was all worth it.

I remember back when I was in high school, I’d see all these common Korean people get interviewed for their absolutely unique accomplishments. One became the first Korean who was elected student body president at Harvard, the president at the time received the Nobel Peace Prize … and others that I can’t seem to recall as of now. I just recall after watching these people get recognized for their accomplishments, I was determined to become someone who was equally willing to leave her mark on this world, whether I get interviewed or not but somehow succeed in what I believe in.

I guess I’ve continued to live in such a fashion, live largely, live passionately … there may have been some minor changes along the road but I don’t think the core of my beliefs has changed much.

Always continue to believe. 🙂


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