I am at one again.

So there is this elective that the chief of internal medicine at my school teaches traditionally in February. It is called Advanced Clinical Teaching and I think it’ll be an excellent elective for me to participate in. I feel it will definitely provide me with tips on learning and teaching that will become invaluable to me throughout residency.

Unfortunately, I also was hoping to take a month off and fly home during February. In Korea, it is the month of when the school year ends, meaning that my parents will have time off to spend time with me, whether we travel or just stay home and whatnot. It also is the time of the lunar new year which is the biggest holiday celebration in Korea, the equivalent of Christmas in the States. Families get together, the entire city just falls into huge celebrations in welcoming the new year. I haven’t had the chance to experience this since I left Korea for college … and I may never be able to see it again … I guess unless I plan my holidays around February in residency.

I don’t know …. as much as I miss celebrating lunar new year with my family and being able to show up at family gatherings and feel a part with them again, I also am not willing to give up an opportunity to finally hone my last bit of clinical skills prior to completing my medical school education. I don’t want to just forget everything I’d learned throughout medical school right before I become a full fledged doctor and have to be able to recall everything … all that information is crucial, it’s essential that it all sticks somehow and if I can learn a better way to make it stick, why turn down this chance?

Ugh … and I highly doubt the chief of medicine will switch this schedule around just for my sake. After all, the course is offered according to his availability.


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