Stripes and lace.

Yep, so these are my new purchases. 😀

I’ve always wanted some laced gloves for a while and finally found some that I think were closest to what I wanted. I hoped to have gotten a pair up to wrist length. I also wanted the laced tights but saw the reviews saying that the holes expanded when people put the tights on so I figured the chevron stripes would be a better alternative. Plus I’ve seen a friend wearing the chevron stripes and thought they had quite the sexy yet not the risque feel that some fishnet stockings carry. Too bad I won’t be getting these in time to wear for the weekend. But yes, just something to make myself feel special in as I’ve been feeling a little down these days …. yes, I know I’m ranting on a bit that comes up every now and then and I know that there are bigger problems in the world …. hence, why these things come to me in waves …. sigh.

On another note, watching ladies’ singles figure skating now. Oh gosh, I really do hope Yuna Kim can get the gold!!! But honestly, even if she doesn’t, I am so proud of her, to win the 2009 World Competition and to get this far as the first Korean figure skater ever to even make to the Olympics … I hear she’s receiving so much pressure from the country, if that statement is true, I really wish people wouldn’t pressure her so much. That can seriously break a champion who worked so hard … have faith in someone, that she’s doing her best. I don’t want her to enter a competition feeling like the nation will turn their back on her if she doesn’t win gold. That is one aspect of the competitive culture of Korea that I really don’t appreciate. Don’t come down so hard on failure …. encourage improvement and help the person feel inspired and move forward. A little more later …..


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