The thing that I am not such a big fan with regards to medical school is how quickly the students become jaded. It gets to the point where you meet up with old friends and classmates at bars, the subject of talk is complaining about rotations … of course, there are good times too when someone will actually talk positively about a rotation but a large chunk is of people bitching about some attending, some resident blah blah blah …. and in the end, how you scored on your test.

I mean, is that what learning has come down to? I sometimes feel like the whole focus on getting that desired score really blinds people from actually learning something. I guess I am one to say since I am not one who has phenomenal scores on her tests … but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind, I love to learn, I love what I’m doing, and I’m aware there are down times …. but I remain cognizant to how much I’m letting it affect me. Grumpy doctors are not good for patients and also get sued more frequently.

However, to be complaining pretty consistently when you have down time … I don’t know what to say about that. I do complain too but a good portion of the time, if there is something that sucks, I can’t elaborate very much because elaborating on something I don’t like just makes me even more exhausted. I’d rather veer away from all that negative energy if possible and save it for the next day before my energy gets sucked out again (if that were my day by day schedule …). Maybe I’m being a bit naive and not too understanding of the shoes that some people have to walk in …. either way, that is just an aspect of medical school that I find a bit disheartening for the position of future doctors.

Yes it does get psychologically draining, yes it is not a field where you get a golden star for every deed you do …. hence, you gotta really love it if you wanna do it. But doesn’t that go for everything?


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  1. case in point: my response to a question asked on my formspring yesterday…

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