No, specifically intern year sounds really daunting.

As excited as I am of being a full fledged physician, there is also that awareness that I will be fully responsible for my actions, no more hoping that someone will look over my shoulder … what happens is determined by my decisions and how I think to take care of things.

We had a lecture on trauma today. It was very interesting and also a bit of an intense reality check for me. Gosh, just the thought of being on call one night by myself and having no clue as what I need to do …. I really want to be a competent doctor, I really do. Yet it is hard to know what I’m lacking currently and what I should learn … and in a sense, I do feel that medical school is not enough for me to really know a good amount of internal medicine despite my desire of eventually specializing in the future. I do think it’ll train me well to learn more general issues prior to throwing myself into a specialty.

Oh goodness … it is all so close that I am in partial fear of what is to come. It’s funny how rotations start to affect you that way.


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