My all-time favorite bad boy.

I don’t know what it is but there’s something about rap and breakdancing that really put me in a trance. The art of this type of urban culture is just so fascinating to me that I cannot get enough of it. It’s funny because throughout college, I was mainly a fan of rock alternative. It was throughout medical school and with time, I acquired this taste for hip hop, R&B, and just fun popsy crazy club style music that keeps my mood upbeat and in high spirits.

However, of all of them, I would have to say Korean rap and breakdancing are the two greatest loves of my life. My favorite rapper by far is Tablo of the Korean group Epik High. His rap is just absolutely amazing, his style takes my breath away and I have to say highly turns me on hahaha. Don’t let his boyish outer appearance fool you. If you read the Tablo Wiki link I provided, he’s had quite the chaotic teen boy life, some of which consisted of him getting kicked out of boarding school and whatnot and one where he began to play the theme to Jurassic Park on the violin during a high school orchestra session. I wasn’t always a fan of the badboy … that also seems to be becoming a new acquired taste of mine. Beforehand, I was all about the shy, dorky boys. I don’t know what it is about badboys, that whole attitude of having the guts to go against what’s so commonly accepted in society, to not have fear to develop your own style and to live by your own rules … just that aspect of this guy not afraid to express himself is something I find so attractive. Of course, if they’re an uncontrolleable menace, that’s a big concern and a no-no.

Oh yes, and I’ve heard Tablo rap in English too … it’s hot. 😉


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