Stay passionate.

There are moments that really drain you and make you feel like you’re losing your ground … regardless, find a way to stay passionate.

I had my career day session today where attendings from various departments spoke about what made a good candidate for a specific type of residency program and whatnot. I think it has become clearer and clearer to me that I want to pursue heme-onc though it will cost a good 6 years of training and I won’t be making good money till I’ve entered my early 30’s … but hey, when it’s something you enjoy doing, does it really matter?

What blew me away was how eloquent the internal medicine program director was. I mean I knew he was famous for that and I’ve worked with him as my attending while I was on my internal medicine rotation but he can give some very inspiring speeches. Maybe I’m just so heavily idealistic that when I hear these talks, I get swayed into it … so I have to keep in mind what the pitfalls can possibly be. Regardless, hearing him speak made me realize that this truly might be the field for me. There’s really no failure proof way of seriously figuring out what fits for us … the best way to really know is to just throw yourself into the fire and see how far you can handle the drawbacks. In the end, I feel that such people cannot really regret their life decisions and instead learn to make the best of every situation.

Work your heart out. Raise the bar. Move forward until you fulfill your heart with the passion that drives you to do what you love most.

I know I’m in the right place. I could never picture myself doing anything else honestly.


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