Some fabulous shoes for my feet to “pump” up my day.

So it’s rare for me to just impulse purchase shoes online but my feet have been itching to see some new styles and colors despite the fact that I rarely have opportunities to wear anything other than my Danskos. But anyhoo, I purchased these two lovelies yesterday online though initially I had pondered on driving over to the mall. After seeing the insane traffic, I figured, why not shop at the end of my fingertips? And rummage through the internet to find me some awesome free shipping coupons? Sure enough, I got what I was looking for. So in the event these shoes don’t work out, I can always return them free of shipping!! Oooooh … but I really hope they do. I never owned a pair of wedges and was so tempted the other day after seeing my friend wear them. They just looked so adorable. And the second pair, well, they just looked so chic and elegant … and with a platform!! I personally am not the biggest fan of platforms but with my feet no longer being accustomed to handling heels very well anymore, I don’t think owning a pair of stylish platforms could hurt. The last time I purchased a pair of heels from Aldo I got a pair in 7 …. these were only available in 8 and the best size for me for heels is a 7.5 … cross fingers!!!

Oh yes and the other shoes I saw that I was highly tempted in purchasing were these:

As fun loving as these pairs looked, I didn’t think I could handle a platformless heel anymore. That and I felt that my love for the sequins and the retro look would die quickly. When I look now, I think I made the best decision with the silver muhahahaha.

I swear with all this hoop jumping you gotta go through with rotations, you need to make sure you can find a way to continue to express yourself … even in the smallest ways. I bought a pink pen recently because I’ve come to realize that pearly pink makes me happy … and so it helps me at work hehe. ;-P Some people wear fun socks (I’m considering resorting to that though I should be saving money now that I’ve shelled out over $1000 for my Step 2 CS …. maybe that’s what prompted me to spend about $100 on shoes …. but let me tell you, it felt great). Another way I like to express myself is with earrings though I feel there’s a time and place for different types of earrings (try to avoid the big and loud ones while at work). Gosh I love being a girl … gotta find any opportunity I can to dress up!! Otherwise I’m always bumming it in a T shirt and scrub pants …. my new love btw, is shopping online though it’s tough with clothes. I think I’ll be able to pull it off with heels, clutches, stockings and whatnot …. too exhausted to deal with crowds at the mall.


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