My first kiss.

I remember as a young girl back in junior and senior high school, I always pictured my first kiss as the most romantic moment of my life. In my imagination, I’d be doing it with a guy I was crazy in love with and it would be the most magical moment I’d live through.

Well, guess what. My first kiss actually was from a guy who went to college in Idaho I’d met my junior year of college while I was on a spring break trip with some friends in New Orleans. I met him (how ironic) on Bourbon of all places hahaha. Despite the interesting place of our encounter, he actually was an extremely sweet and chivalrous boy. His looks reminded me of Noah Wyle from ER which played to his advantage as I felt Noah Wyle was extremely cute back in the day. Still do, though the sight of him no longer gets my heart racing hehe. It was the second night I was in New Orleans with my friends when this guy planted a very light peck on my lips.

So there you have the story to my first kiss.

For some random reason, this moment came to mind to me today. It just made me think how funny life is and how everything I’ve experienced is so different from what I’d ever pictured it to be as It actually makes all of life that much more exciting because all is so unexpecting!!

But a girl can still dream … right?

I refuse to become cynical. I absolutely refuse.


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