Spring break.

Oh it was absolutely amazing!! I ended up going to Atlanta,  GA for 5 days to visit a friend who’s attending graduate school there. Actually this trip had originally been planned to happen back in October but due to some other more pressing issues, I ended up delaying it.

For a while, I’d always had my eye on this city for future residence (not to mention residency). Largely the fact that I can fly straight home without having to change planes is a strong appeal to me. Yet aside from that, I was curious of what this city was like and lo and behold, I have a friend now who attends law school there. So when given the opportunity to see a new city, I will most definitely take it.

The first evening after I arrived, we ended up joining some of her other law school friends for dinner. It was interesting because they were just like medical students … only they weren’t. It seems that a large number of people who get swept into the whole business of professional school undergoes the same wave of events, hardpressured into learning so much at once and regurgitating this information, practically burning students out by the end of the year. And no, it gets difficult to meet anyone outside of that professional setting. I had fun because it was an opportunity for me to meet people out of my usual medical setting.

The next few days consisted of me exploring the Emory campus (and even the hospital at least up to the point where I could avoid getting kicked out hehe), going to the Georgia Aquarium, the Coca-Cola Factory, Stone Mountain, and just some other eateries and outing places in the city of Atlanta. It really is a great city, I love how despite its growth, Atlanta has managed to retain some of its smaller town charm that you may be more used to seeing in places such as Austin. I feel this is what keeps it down to earth and still appealing to me. That and the diversity in food, and yes, decent Korean food for a change!! I need decent Korean food …. and maybe more contact with other Korean people or else I’ll continue to trudge down this road of loneliness for a long time. As much as I love New Orleans, I’ve come to realize that this city is too small for me.

So yes, my eye is on Emory right now for my future residency and also possibly for settling. The thought of settling is really odd to me to be honest … I’ve become so accustomed to moving to a new place for every new chapter in my life that there is a slight fear when I think that I’ll be frequenting less to other places. I will still travel, don’t get me wrong, as my family is just so far away, no traveling would be out of the question.

There are moments where I wonder was it really all worth it? Was it really worth the travel, coming so far, coming to establish what I want to do despite missing all these family events and not having them around for events such as holidays, honors ceremonies, etc etc?

And then I recall a quote I found from a book I’ve been reading recently. It’s called “The Geography of Bliss” by Eric Weiner. It’s about a man who travels to various parts of the world to understand meanings of happiness in different countries. A few lines he says while traveling Bhutan are, “I can’t really say I’m happy. I guess I’m content but I also feel joy yet not exactly one over the other. So I suppose I feel conjoyment? However, if given the chance, I wouldn’t have done anything differently.”

So that’s how I feel. Despite how rough things get and how lonely I feel every now and then, particularly moreso now that the responsibility as a physician continues to loom over my head as I progress forward with each day of rotations, I know that I wouldn’t have done anything differently. The question is now, how do I hope to carve my future …

Then there are moments where I wonder if my nomadic attitude kind of screws me over when it comes to relationships with others. Yet again, like I said before, I don’t think I’ve done anything wrong to have come to where I’m standing now. I may be lonely but not alone.

Overall, I really had an awesome time in Atlanta. I just wish the trip hadn’t been just five days, next time I need to include a weekend so I can enter free of cover with all them Emory law students HEHEHEHEHE …. gosh, is school really resuming again tomorrow? Gotta drive out for my general surgery month, though I don’t doubt it will be quite the exciting experience since no residents will be around HEhehehehehe.

At moments, I feel like the year is burning me out. Medical school is burning me out and the prospect of what I have to face as a doctor is burning me out …. hence, a change a scenery wouldn’t kill me. At least that’s how I feel. Just gotta get closer with the family somehow (physical distance wise).


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