You gotta love it when your surgery rotation totally warps your sense of time in a day. Now that I’ve become accustomed to waking up at 5 AM every morning to get to work by 7, 1 PM tends to feel like 3 PM to me. And as today being the first day I got off since I began work in BR, the laziness just hit me so quickly not to mention the conference I thought was this morning at 7 AM was actually a different day. We’ll see if I decide to ever attend those … (I’d rather sleep in than more about vascular surgery … I’ve really come to realize that I don’t think surgery is the specialty I hope to pursue).

On another hand, it’s been fun just having a few classmates nearby since we’re all staying in the same lodging place with rooms right next to one another. As we don’t know anyone else in town, we spend lots of time talking to one another. BR I guess is a decent town …. though there’s not much character to it, after being a week away from New Orleans, I was reminded of how gorgeous this city is, especially the area I live in. It was kind of getting old but I really needed to be away from it in a mundane, dry place to really appreciate its beauty.

Anyway, originally I hadn’t been planning on coming back to NOLA till the end of the month so I could study for my shelf exam (bleh, I really hate them) but due to the fact that no other students were willing to volunteer for the student clinic, I decided to make the less than 1.5 hour drive back into the city. And earlier, 1 PM really felt like 3 PM (since I still woke up at 6:30 AM to get to a conference that didn’t happen!!!).

Ok, it seems that I’m just rambling on about stuff that doesn’t make complete sense. My blog entries seem to have taken that turn lately. Oh yea, and I’m totally addicted to Lady Gaga’s new song “Telephone” with Beyonce though the music video is quite risque (I wouldn’t be surprised if I get a warning for linking it onto here …), even with the clean version!! That and “Break Your Heart” by Taio Cruz feat. Ludacris … in fact, I came to love this song so much I made it into my ringtone buhehehe. The lyrics aren’t the most attractive to me but I figure it’s the beat and the attitude and just the way the song sounds that really draw me to it. I wouldn’t really enjoy having a guy with this kinda mindset around but it does help a girl at times to feel the way the song describes (not that it would be the most ideal way around a relationship … at least for me). You know, I’m realizing that I really like Ludacris’s rap style.

And Lady Gaga, I don’t know what it is but she’s succeeded again in catching my attention. Gosh, now that I think of it, each time she has a new music video out, it just brings her style to a new level. It’s really weird yet you keep thinking about it (cigarette sunglasses hahahaha …. now that’s really original, I wonder how many people would have thought of that one).

Ok I should resume studying once more … eck, you gotta love it when you come home and your entire kitchen is in chaos. The guy my roommate is currently (or has always been) dating is a huge fan of cooking (advantage for me hehehe since I don’t have time nor the energy to cook these days and his food is really good) but dang not so great with the cleaning up part. Thank goodness I will be returning to BR soon (not that BR is really that exciting).

Aaaah the barista’s visitors are really making a lot of noise in this coffee shop .. and it’s not even near a high school location!! Well, I take that back … actually it is, but high schoolers rarely come here. Either way, grrr ….


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