Summer is just around the corner (maybe I’m saying this a month too early)!!

Lo and behold, summer is not very far from now and there are some summer dresses I’d love to get my hands on!! Gosh just wish I weren’t so poor … the prospect of being in debt to my education till I’m 55 is just so heartwarming.

But anyway, I haven’t shopped at AE in forever possibly cuz let’s say, I’m no longer in college anymore? Lately, though, I’ve been having this itch for summer dresses and the casual kind, I’ve noticed some ladies wearing those long ankle-length flowy skirts too with the big belts!! Gosh, that style is coming back now huh? Nonetheless, anyway, this is just a list of dresses I’d love to get my hands on right now if I hadn’t just spent over $300.00 for spring break in Atlanta and another $100.00 on two pairs of shoes ….

I am particularly digging the last pink pleated dress. Either that or the turquoise one …..

And as for the long black dress, you know, I’d actually wear it if tube tops looked well on me but unfortunately they don’t … they expand my chest out and just make me look bigger overall than usual … and guys don’t dig a wide-chested female (I guess that depends on the source of the wide-chestedness … but you know what I mean).

I need a sugar daddy.


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