Hmm … maybe I should try and learn this CSS stuff?

I’m getting bored of all these background themes and wouldn’t mind creating one of my own …. though, just reading this stuff is already giving me a mild headache. I took a Java class back in college and boy, it felt like I was speaking a foreign language. As if I already didn’t have a bajillion things to read ….

On another note, the kind of sanitized smell of the specials procedure room in the hospital I’m currently rotating at smells like the department stores in Korea I’ve been to (weird, yes I know) and has kinda been stimulating this nostalgic side of me. Gosh, I miss home …. it’s sad that I won’t be able to go this summer. I mean, a part of springtime that got me excited was the prospect of going home for a month. I thought about doing it and getting some Step 2 studying done while I was there but figured with the jet lag and the commotion of Seoul, I probably won’t get much done. 😛 I’d be going out and about that’s for sure hehehe.


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