My intern was mentioning to me yesterday how he felt a little lonely when going to bed that night as his wife was on call and so he ended up letting his dog sleep in the bed with him. It just made me recall a memory of when I was in middle school and there would be nights my father would return home late from work after an outing with either students or fellow professors. It seemed that returning to a home where everyone was asleep and no one greeted him kind of saddened him a little bit …. at least that was what he told my dog (clearly this does not sound like a story that occurred while one was sober :-P).

But anyway, yea, I wonder if it’s too much to ask …. but it would be nice to finally have someone I know I can come home to. It may be asking much at the start of my residency where I live in the most incalculable fashion …. but with this whole pattern of seeing my family once a  year, I don’t think it’s much to ask for. I continue to feel this pang of jealousy when I hear people visit their family on certain holidays throughout the year aside from Thanksgiving and Christmas.

On another note, I’m a little surprised at how quickly I’ve been able to catch onto assisting the attending physician at work now. Since the resident comes to help him on and off (as he’s not a surgery resident but doing a rotation through surgery), there are moments where my contributions actually become necessary (helpful? that I’m not so sure of :-P). I’ve heard that when students from my school do surgery rotations in BR, they gain much work experience practically to the level of an intern. Though I know there’s still a vast amount of knowledge I need to continue to acquire, I also am amazed at how far I’ve come since I started medical school. Honestly, just several months ago, it wouldn’t have been unusual for me to just sit and watch the residents do their work on rotation. Now I understand how to be proactive and am not afraid to do it. At clinic, the nurses just alert the physician on what they need to do for what patient and whatnot and it’s funny because 3 years ago, that was my job at one point. Currently, as the rising medical student, rather than sit and watch, I understand to leap to my feet to contribute as much as I can to my attending’s work and no matter how little I know, I at least am aware that I can somewhat think along similar lines as my attending’s thoughts. I swear, the growth curve of learning just is upward after you begin clerkships as a medical student.

I could use comments too?? 😦 After all, I only have my one lovely devoted reader!!


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