Pink Pink Pink!!!

Yes I’ve adorned many of my possessions lately in pink. Yesterday I took a trip to the Mall of Louisiana in hopes of finding some new cute outfits to my already overloading wardrobe. You’d be surprised when shopping you set yourself on a mission to find something in particular but end up with something totally different and loving it way more. That is what I would call a successful shopping trip.

But anyway, one of the clothing pieces I bought was a pink shimmery top from Limited. That and a darker toned pink purse from Aldo. I have to say, Limited is going up my list as one of the stores I really like, especially when it comes to professional clothes. I own two pairs of dress pants from there and I like the fit. Not too tight and when on sale, they’re reasonably priced. Also, no need to dry clean!!! 😀 Gotta love it when your clothes save you a trip to the dry cleaners.

And then afterwards, I went to Walgreens to return a few items, during the trip I bought two pink pens that you purchase will donate for breast cancer research … I swear, I’m in love with pink right now. It makes me happy admist the intensity and jadedness I experience at work. And you know, happy medical student/doctor = more motivated worker. Hence, my validation for buying cute and fun socks too. You gotta express yourself somehow!!!!

It’s interesting how people need to find a way to break the routine in order to stimulate themselves. As if I didn’t already get stimulated enough at work as it is …. yet, I don’t want to become someone who doesn’t have a life outside of work. I still want to be well rounded, aware of some news outside of medicine, and still know how to have fun when I’m not in the hospital. Hehe, so I have hopes of learning some good photography once I get my hands on that Rebel XS post match. Though it’s gonna cost a lot of $$$ and apparently I’ll be shelling out $930 per month over 20 years to pay off my loans ….

Isn’t life grand.


2 thoughts on “Pink Pink Pink!!!

  1. Kristina says:

    um ex-CUSE me I think we need to see a pic of said pink top!!

    • sarrasparky says:

      hehe I haven’t managed to find a picture of it online I guess cuz it was a sales item … and I don’t have my camera with me either right now but once I get my hands on it, I will post it ASAP!!! 😀

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