Things that really perk me up to keep my energy going:

1) shopping for pretty things and items I actually really like 😀

2) finding good music on a random whim, particularly something that hasn’t been overplayed on the radio

3) hearing from old friends out of the blue

4) when i can edit a decent photo hehe

5) a really good joke

I just uncovered this South London indie band called “The XX” and one of their songs called “Intro” was used for the winter Olympic AT&T commercial with Apollo Ohno in it. I absolutely loved that song but really never thought to figure out where it was from.

I was a big indie rock junkie back in college. Lately, that interest has gone down a bit as I noticed that a good number of the old indie songs I had just depressed me and when I’m studying 7+ hours in a day, I can really avoid feeling depressed. Yet just the whole dark, mysterious tone of the song “Intro” really drew me back to this type of music again. Hehe, I’m glad I’ve found something I’ve lost touch with for a while.


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