The new shirts!!

That pinkify my world!!

Sorry for the horrible lighting, I used my MacBook to take the picture and since the room I’m staying in has very limited lighting and I don’t have my camera with me, this is the result.

I am fully aware the colors are close to being identical but each shirt has a different function hence I had to get one of each hehehe. First, the left would be more for professional wear, something I found at The Limited at a reasonable price!! Shirt dos on the right is from Forever 21 and as I really have been wanting to add more color into the life of my nightly going out clothes, this was a great option.

I think my next upcoming color that will make me happy is going to be yellow. As much as I enjoy pink, I don’t wanna overdo it in my wardrobe.


One thought on “The new shirts!!

  1. Lovely! These are some dazzling shirts.
    And, hey, you can never have too much pink in your wardrobe 😉

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