I don’t know if it’s the spring weather or just that I am completely done with my clinical duties for this block, but a sudden thought occurred to me. What would my life had been like if I hadn’t practically gone straight into the work of healthcare? As I’ve been watching quite a hefty load of Disney channel lately (the best way for me to be totally mindless), the show “The Suite Life of Zach and Cody” (yes I actually think it’s really cute and the humor style really not that corny … it’s decently witty in fact) made me think, what would the work of hotel administration be like? What if I pursued a career in business, some kind of administrative level kinda thing? My money troubles would definitely be gone …. yet would I feel fulfilled with my work?

My issue with going into business was that I couldn’t find much meaning in my work. A strong reason behind why I want to be a doctor stems from that. Yet with all this whole mess and slew of healthcare reform going on and this confusion between the roles of physicians and nurses starting to surface, it makes me wonder, how much of it all is worth it? Though I also wonder …. for how long can I enjoy being in a business form of a lifestyle such as hotel administration? No offense to those who do it, this is just how I look at it. If you enjoy it, then I applaud you. I’m just saying that I’m not sure it would’ve fit me in the long run.

The other day, I met a mother and her daughter who was diagnosed with a particular form of lymphoma. It was quite a random encountering in the elevator actually, I already could tell from the child’s appearance that she was a cancer patient but I didn’t realize she was the costar of Reggie Bush from the Saints for the St. Jude’s commercial. And as someone who’s really interested in hematology-oncology, I continued to pursue asking questions to the child’s mother, not necessarily medically related but how she’s been surviving it all in general. Eventually, I realized that this was probably one of the best encounters in my life.

Honestly, when I see stories of children who’ve had leukemia or other forms of cancers posted on websites or on TV commercials, it is difficult for me to really get drawn to it. I don’t know if it’s a matter of feeling personal and whatnot but when I got the opportunity to hear this little girl’s story, I couldn’t help but be drawn to it. And it gave me even more reason to pursue the field that I really want to do. The girl’s mother explained that she developed a stronger appreciation for life through her experience with her daughter and that she’s the most amazing, resilient person she’s ever seen. She said the experience was all worth it.

So despite this whole mess we’re stuck in called healthcare, the inefficiency, the frustrations, I found my reason for doing what I want to do in this little girl. It’s funny how one person can dramatically inspire another into becoming something greater.


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