Who says you need to shell out over $100 for prom?? ;)

Though I’m way past that age now.

Despite the past popularity of gowns at prom events, I’ve always been a fan of short (not like check-my-booty short but either knee or thigh length) dresses. Long ballgowns just get annoying, you have to carry the train and whatnot, take more precautions in getting anything dirty and whatnot … heck, the last foot length dress I actually hemmed (and ended up paying way more than I would have liked as it was quite a fancy dress hence the cost of labor that went into hemming it was quite hefty) and now the length is slightly below the knee.

I swear Forever 21 will always have a special place in my heart …. despite how sometimes their clothes fall apart after just a few wearings, they still don’t fail to have the cutest dresses and tops, hence my go-to place for night outing shirts hehehehe.

If I had the proper physique, I would probably wear any one of these irresistable items to a prom equivalent event. Unfortunately, with my wide shoulders, tube tops rarely cut it for me. But it doesn’t hurt to post photos of them that were on a model who actually looked good wearing those dresses, right? 😉 Just another way to keep my spirits up on this study break.

All these images were from the Forever21.com website … if you want a larger view, just click on each picture!! I was too lazy to post each one at a time ….

I think my personal favorite is the black avant garde hehehehe.


3 thoughts on “Who says you need to shell out over $100 for prom?? ;)

  1. sarrasparky says:

    just an extra note: from these designs, it seems like the roaring 20’s are coming back =)

  2. I love all of these dresses! They’re all so cute.
    And, as a fellow broad-shouldered girl, I totally feel you.

  3. Kristina says:

    Halter-style dresses look great on broader shoulders- draws the eyes in toward the neck!

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