By the time I graduate …

I want:

– a GPS

– Canon Rebel XS SLR

– 32″ flat screen TV (as of now, I have a 19″ …. I feel like I’m staring at a computer monitor)

– a pet (leaning towards a cockatiel since they are easier to maintain when you are living by yourself and you are as busy as a resident will be)

I know, expensive but if there were one I really couldn’t sacrifice, I think it would be the cockatiel. I will most likely live alone but I am too lonely to be without a pet. I’m really a dog person but don’t think I will be able to handle one on my own and living such a busy life where I’m practically tied down to the hospital.


One thought on “By the time I graduate …

  1. Kristina says:

    I have the XSi and it’s lovely! I traded in my old 20D…even though it’s a “step down” technically, the 20d was so old it feels like a major upgrade!!! huge lcd screen!

    I would get, in this order:

    Pet (they’re more expensive to take care of than we ever realize until we have them lol)
    Canon Rebel


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