I really “love” how now that I’m a fourth year, all my upper levels expect me to know everything.

Ok, people, is that how you felt when you began your senior year of medical school? I may be more in tune with picking up work and being able to write notes and whatnot but if it’s an environment I’m not used to, it’s an environment I’m not used to. And that will go for us each step of residency and even throughout our careers as attending physicians.

And people, I will forget material that I haven’t gone over in a while, it will take me a little longer than usual for it to resurface. I haven’t been on my medicine rotation in months.

Despite all this, don’t you worry, I’m going to work my ass off to become better at what I do. I just wish the pressure to know everything wasn’t mounting so much ….


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  1. Kristina says:

    Im confused. How are you a fourth year but only just now doing your obgyn rotation?

    • sarrasparky says:

      It’s because my school has a funky system where we do a lottery every four months to determine our rotations for that time period. So some people end up getting screwed and not doing some big core rotations till the end of third year (like me). And this year they started a new thing where the next class (previous second years) begin rotations this month rather than July. So I’m rotating with new third years hence that’ll make me a fourth year … and hence the expectations build. =P The official seniors will be graduating this Saturday … can’t believe it!!

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