I mean, I thought waking up early before the sun rises and returning home after the sun set would be really depressing … but going to the hospital prior to the sun setting and coming home after the sun rises feels weird as well. It reminds me of those days when I would fly back from Korea and land in the city of destination during the day. And I departed from Korea in the morning. So the day feels like it’s been extended and has been going on forever. As much as I do love sunlight, my body is definitely not wired to live without nighttime. And when you begin to live the life of spending 12+ hours in the hospital, you really start to lose concept of time.

This week I am on night float service for Ob/Gyn. I have to essentially swap my sleep schedule so I survive through 12 hours of the night. As I never really have access to a window nearby, I forget the time it is outside of the hospital and by the time I leave, the sun has already risen again. And when I arrive to work, it has yet to set. So there seem to be more than 24 hours in a day and I feel like I haven’t rested very much. It’s a weird feeling I tell you.

The material in ob/gyn is actually pretty interesting. It’s just very different from any form of medicine I’ve been dealing with up to this point. What bothers me though is the intense nature of the specialty. People just seem to be so high strung …. I don’t know if this is a result of so many female healthcare workers (including physicians) being all clumped together in a high stress work field …. I get looks every now and then like I’m an idiot just because I’m asking a question … but I’m a student!! How else am I supposed to learn.

The dynamics of working with people is what always makes work efficiency challenging. But then again, it could also improve it since many brains are coming together to produce a result. Sigh but in my case, I don’t think I can handle being around so many anal females …. not saying they’re all anal but with my current experience, I’m not sure if this field is cut out for me.

I’m also realizing that I’m not heavily in love with the OR. I mean, I like it, I think it’s cool and I know how to work around it, but I don’t think I’m cut out for it. As one attending told me, if I’m having trouble figuring out what I want to do for the rest of my life, think of where I’d rather be if I haven’t slept in 24 hours. Let’s just say it’s not the OR.

Sigh …. and of course, I feel a bit androgenous everyday. So in my downtime, I like to spoil myself with expressing my feminine side. 🙂 Aaaahhh if only I could afford so many things …. I don’t think I will ever cease to love shopping … how could I? It’s just too much fun.

Summer is almost here, can you believe it?? I still can’t. In fact, because I won’t be having a real summer vacation for the first time in my life, it’s even harder to believe now. I get 10 days off between my third and final year of medical school. You know you’re entering the real world when your sense of time gets warped like this … hehe. Ah to grow up.

Anyway, here are a few summer selections I found on Express that I thought were just dazzling. You can see that I’ve moved on from the pink but I still love the color nonetheless. 🙂

My apologies if the images are too small. I couldn’t get access to bigger ones.

Oh yes and this past weekend I went to a friend’s wedding which was most interesting because it was all renaissance/fairytale themed!! Everyone was required to wear a costume to the event which just made it more fun for picture taking. Of course, there were those mavericks who kind of evaded the whole costume rule but they all looked lovely nonetheless. Here are some pix from the event.

I think the bride made a wise choice in selecting red for the color of the bridesmaid dresses. I’ve heard that red or a blue (not the light skyblue type) contrasted on green can really bring out the colors. Makes better for picture taking!! 😀

It was such a lovely wedding.

Oh yes and apparently Lady Gaga is coming to NOLA in April of next year!! Can you say excited?? I think SO!! Hehehehe I will most definitely not miss seeing her then!!!


4 thoughts on “

  1. Kristina says:

    i have to admit, the idea of a “fairtyale” wedding still appalls me. but to each her own – and more power to her for doing what she wants!

    ob/gyn night float service sounds crazy hectic – i’m super excited about OB/GYN because I think it may be what i’m destined to do – but we’ll see. i got my rotation schedule and everything sorted out for the year and i’m super happy i got my 2nd choice (which actually ends up being better than my first choice, who’da thunk??)

    lovely dress picks! i like the pink ruffled one 🙂

    • sarrasparky says:

      i definitely see you doing something surgical whether it be ob/gyn, surgery, or ophtho. there are a ton of gadgets involved in that field and it’s all so dynamic, there’s always a new method/tool to improve procedures and whatnot. and seeing you and your love for electronics and being on top of how to work things more efficiently, i think it’ll really fit you well. =)
      night float hasn’t been as hectic as i’d thought, it’s just exhausting. it’s the day team that have it more hectic as they have to round on so many patients before seeing the attending while we just check up on patients every so hours.
      congrats on getting a great schedule!! 😀 you’ll enjoy third year, i guarantee~

  2. I love your “summer selections.” They are all so cute! I can’t wait for nice summer weather (and clothes!)

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