So … I am a huge huge sucker for earrings. I feel they are the most convenient jewelry you can style up with without getting in the way of (most) of your daily activities. I love it when I go home because earrings there are super cheap from street vendors (like <$10) as long as you aren’t allergic to anything in particular … which luckily I’m not!! Hehehehe …

But anyway, after seeing my friend sporting the butterfly style earrings, I came to the conclusion that I want a pair. I also saw Miley Cyrus wear a pair on an episode of Hannah Montana (yes I actually watch that show … the girls on Disney channel are ridiculously cute and I love the outfits they wear!! Hence, I cannot steal my eyes away from their shows … it is my guilty pleasure ;-)).

So the first pair is what my friend wore at her wedding. She told me what website to look at to find them but I couldn’t 😦 … just an image on the internet that I picked up. I’m debating between either that pair or the last pair of huge lacey golden butterfly earrings. I like how the butterfly dangles sideways …. aaahhh decisions decisions!! But it’s so fun.

Through these rotations, I really do wonder sometimes how residents who work together get attracted to each other (like they do in Grey’s Anatomy). I mean, yes you do spend endless hours with this one person but you literally see everything about them … in the morning, in the afternoon, getting spread thin, being cranky, waking up at the crack of dawn (and not looking very pretty let me tell you that). Maybe you’ll become better friends but you skip the entire za za zoo step of ever appearing attractive to each other unless you knew one another enough. At least this is my opinion. There’s also way too much work to do to be able to pay attention to anything else. I’m realizing this slowly now because I’ve essentially been working like an intern recently. By the end of third year, you really know how to be proactive … and then once intern year begins, you forget how all that worked. 😛 Aaaaaand get worked like a dog again …..

But anyway, I think I might go with the long dangley butterfly earrings hehehehehe.

Then again … I want the big butterflies that dangle diagonally. 😛 Gold or silver? That is the question ….


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