A woman’s many sides.

I just want to give much credit to one of my best friends who has succeeded in really expressing what it means to be a woman. Her blog Pretty, Shiny, Sparkly talks about various outfits and fashion, really sparking inspiration in others on how they could express themselves in different ways. And something I realized from following her blog: don’t judge any woman by her cover. This may go for men as well but I think we females have the advantage of being able to versatile our style in much more various ways than men can. Through the way she dresses or even, just in her attitude, a woman can give off an androgenous feel while still maintaining her femininity. It is these things that makes a woman unpredictable and constantly full of surprises. I think we ladies should all figure out what it is that keeps our confidence alive and hold onto it. Once you do, trust me, heads will begin to turn and you will be surprised at how great you feel.


One thought on “A woman’s many sides.

  1. Kristina says:

    THANK YOU! Quite possibly the nicest thing ever said about me.

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