FIFA World Cup 2010!!!!

As much as I love my feminine things, I also have a slightly masculine side to myself (like every other girl in the world, it’s just how much you have of each.)

FIFA World Cup 2010!!! Can you say excited?!?! I sure am.

While many friends I’ve known grew up on football (as I’ve been living down south much of my post high school years), I grew up on futbol. 😉 Though Korea is a small nation, we’re one of strong passion and soccer was one of our strongest. We’re not one of those phenomenal teams like Brazil, Italy, or France but we’ve shown the world that we support the belief that nothing in this world is impossible. What’s more interesting is that North Korea will be running in the 2010 World Cup as well. Though our chances of meeting I feel will be slim (since the groups are separated out into two different match sets until they reach the finals), I am still proud of both countries to come this far together.

I just hope we manage to make it to the second round …. we did make it to the semifinal back in 2002. That was absolutely the most amazing moment to experience, to be part of such an underdog country and be the sole Asian nation to reach that far in the competition!! I highly doubt we’ll be able to repeat such an achievement … but in this lifetime, you truly never know. 😉

I just filled out a bracket with ESPN showing that Korea would at least reach the quarterfinals … it sounds from their pre World Cup games those chances may be slim, but I still am willing to have faith!!!

Ooooooh ….. my one and only, I’m truly in love.


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