The new earrings ….

Ok before I start showing off my new pair, I just wanna say this ….


Spontanaeity can work out sometimes but when it involves food, it will not work out for me. Why? Because when I get hungry, I get ugly … so if you actually want to have a nice time, bear in mind to PLAN AHEAD for anything involving food!! I rest my case here.

Anyway, just took some pics to show off my new earrings … the more I look at them, I’m thinking I’m liking them more.

Not exactly my thing to post pictures of myself here but that was really going to be the only way to show these babies off to everyone hehehe …. that and I think my face is no longer a mystery after pics from the Renaissance wedding. 😛


2 thoughts on “The new earrings ….

  1. I think those earrings are adorable! They would look great with a cute summery sundress (or pretty much anything else for that matter :] )

  2. Kristina says:

    Wow!! I love them! And I know about you and your earring fetish…

    they are stunning! wear them all the time, just because.

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