Do you believe in it?

I’m slowly realizing that I think I do. You just have to make an effort to let it happen. I like to believe that there’s a reason behind everything that happens, whether for better or for worse, in the end everything will fall into place and the world will be as it should be.

So in response to such a belief, I’ve had people ask me, “So you’re basically saying some people are destined to be screwed?” No, that is exactly what I am not saying. I feel from every difficult situation, there’s always an opportunity. And if I don’t remind myself this everyday, I will probably go crazy from just seeing all the many bad things that happen to so many good people.

Hence, I need to continue to believe.

I’m not really a religious person though there is a religion I identify with. And lately, I’m embracing the true fact that I do believe in fate, that things are meant to be. It just takes time for you to see it.


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